Monday, June 17, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 6/14/13

Jake (7½), Alyssa (5), Zac (3½), Tyler (1)

Happy not-Friday! This weekend was pretty busy and I didn't take the time to get my Smiles from last week posted. Don't worry though, we don't mind Smiling on Mondays, too!

1. Zac, sniffing: "Mommy, do you know what I smell?"
Me: "No, what do you smell?"
Zac, sniffing: "I don't smell anything."

2. Me, tossing some socks by the washing machine: "Here, put in these, too."
Zac, laughing: "No, it's three!"

3. Zac: "I'm getting tired again. I just yawned. That's part of tired."


5. Jake, my little handyman, fixed our pencil sharpener that had been broken for years.

6. Alyssa: "Chocolate strawberry milk is the best! I can't believe I discovered it."

7. Jake, while doing an exercise about good vs. evil: "Look, I added Spitman to the evil  side."
Me: "And what makes Spitman evil?"
Jake, laughing: "Because he spits in everyone's face! I made him up myself."

8. Zac, pretending: "Would you like some kool-aid?"
Me: "Oh, sure."
Zac: "How about yes, please?"

9. We reached over 300 likes on our Facebook page.

10. Me, while playing Legos with the kids: "Oh, Daddy's home!" {continued building Legos}
Jake: "Why aren't you excited?"
Me: "I am excited."
Jake: "But you always run out there and kiss him when he gets home."

11. Alyssa: "Tyler's favorite color must be plaid."

12. Me: "Why are you biting your toenails?"
Child, joking: "Because they're good. And they're tastier than my fingernails."

What made you smile last week?
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