Monday, September 16, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 9/13/13

Jake (7½), Alyssa (5), Zac (3½), Tyler (1)

And here are the Smiles from this past week! We officially started our 4th year of homeschooling, got some fancy new canning supplies, tried to keep the baby out of trouble, played plenty of chess, got an upright freezer(!), and laughed and smiled a lot.

1. Zac, singing: "Why don't we have three of these? Three bathroooooms! I want three of these, not two. I want three bathroooms. Threeeeee!" 

2. Jake, while playing chess: "Well, you could move your piece here, like this, and then you can take my piece."
Alyssa: "Yeah!"
Jake: "Ha, now I can take this one!"
Alyssa: "Yeah, well, now that I made it here, I can get another queen."

3. The freezers aren't delivered in boxes anymore, so the delivery men gave us a dryer box to play with. 

4. Zac: "Papa do you think I'm awesome?
Papa (my dad): "Yes, I do."
Zac, sweetly: "You're my friend."
Papa: "You're my friend too, Zac."

5. Zac didn't want his Fruit Loops with milk, "because than you have to try and catch them." 

6. Zac crying because his "pants are boring."

7. Tyler walked over to Zac, who was sitting on the couch and started beating on him. Zac looked at him and sweetly said, "I love you, Tyler."

8. While trying to keep Tyler out of trouble:

9. Jake, about Tyler: "He is epically trouble."

10. Alyssa: "Mommy, I love you. And I'll never not love you."

What made you smile this week?

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