Thursday, December 12, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile 12/6/13

Jake (8), Alyssa (5½), Zac (4), Tyler (1½)

This week included Jake's 8th birthday, his special day alone with me to celebrate, our power going out for a few hours, Tyler dumping water on the laptop, and Leighton fixing the laptop. And a bunch of Smiles.

1. Jake, after I sang a bunch of Christmas songs: "Where are you getting all these songs? On Google?"

2. Zac, while helping create customized Lego mini-figures to represent us: "Mommy, make you a princess! Make you a princess! . . . And make me a gingerbread guy so I can marry you."

3. Jake: "Mom, if you write as good as you cook, you can be another Shakespeare."


5. Zac: "In apples, there's juice . . . And in oranges, there's juice." {long pause} "And in juice, there's juice! Hahahahaha! That's so funny!"

6. Jake, frustrated because of a dispute with Alyssa : "Mom, could you reason with her?"

7. Zac: "I love Tyler."
Me: "I love Tyler, too. And I love you, too."
Zac: "And Alyssa and Jake?"
Me: "Yes, I love them, too."
Zac: "Why? Sometimes they're mean to me."
Me: "Well, I certainly don't like when they're mean."
Zac: "Yea! You're on my team."

8. Jake: "It's easy as pie."
Me: "How do you know it's easy? Have you ever made a pie?"
Jake: "It's a figure of speech, Mom."


10. Jake, after listening to me talk about lemon bread: "Is it like unlemoned bread?" (aka unleavened bread)

11. Zac: "Tyler's so cute that I want to keep him! Hahahaha . . . That was so funny that I still want to laugh!"

12. Zac: "What are you allergic to?"
Papa: "Nothing that I know of."
Zac: "Gramma, what are you allergic to?"
Gramma: "Nothing that I know of."
Zac: "I'm allergic to everything I don't like."

What made you smile?

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