Friday, February 7, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile 2/7/14

Jake (8), Alyssa (5½), Zac (4), Tyler (1½) 

 Happy Friday! This week involved playing in the snow, getting a new couch, and Leighton making me an amazing birthday cake. I hope you had a Smile-filled week, too. 

1. Zac, sad: "Each of my gloves has only 5 fingers." 

2.  Alyssa: "Tyler, you look so perish! . . . What does perish mean?"
Me: "To die."
Alyssa: "No, Tyler, don't perish!"
Me: "You were thinking precious."
Alyssa: "What does precious mean?"
Me: "Special."
Alyssa: "Yeah, Tyler, you look so precious."

3. Me: "Maybe pretty soon you can start wiping your own butt."
Zac: "When I'm 10 I'll do that."

4. Alyssa: "Is the milk still good."
Me: "Yes."`
Jake: "But it says it was collected in the 19th century!"

5. Zac left me a surprise card in the fridge. 

6. Alyssa: "Jesus can do anything. He could even turn into a fly. But if someone had a fly swatter? . . . He would not want to be a fly."

7. Jake: "Please, please, please 1 more?"
Me: "I already read 3 chapters."
Jake: "A 4th one wouldn't hurt."
8. Alyssa: "You can't get hurt in heaven, right? There must not be any pointy things in heaven."


10. Zac, all bundled up in his snow gear: "My butt kinda hurts. Can you scratch it?

11. Zac: "Alyssa said she was going to give me a bloody nose!"
Me: "No, she's not. I won't let her."
Zac: "'Cause I'm your favorite child?"

12. Alyssa, yelling: "Mom! Can you tell Zac to be quiet?"
Zac, yelling: "I can't hear you! I'm too loud!"

What made you Smile this week?

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