Saturday, August 1, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 7/24/15

Jake (9½), Alyssa (7), Zac (5½), Tyler (3), Nicholas (7 months)

This week was filled with Vacation Bible school every night, lots of reading during the day, and Smiles throughout the week.

1. Jake: "How come when you get hit by something it leaves a bump instead of a dent?"

2. Tyler, at church: "Can I see the water in the bathtub?"
Me: "That's the baptistry. Yes, you may."
Tyler: "Can I go in the water?"
Me: "No, that's only for when someone gets baptized."
Tyler: "Oh, can I get bathtized?"


4. I had started sweeping, but got distracted helping the kids with stuff. As I came back to finish up about an hour later, I couldn't find the dust pan.
Me: "Do you know where the dust pan is?"
Alyssa: "Oh, you weren't using it, so I put it away."

5. Me: "Have I told you recently that you're my favorite oldest child?"
Jake: "Hmm, nope."
Me: "Well, you're my favorite oldest child."
Jake: "How can I be sure you're telling the truth?"

6. Jake: "I got another fly . . . Can I go outside and burn it with the magnifying glass?"

7. Tyler wrote his name for the first time and completely by himself.

8. Me: "We don't have anymore room on this bookshelf for these books."
Alyssa: "I guess Dad's just going to have to make another one."
Jake: "Yeah, Dad's just going to find the time to do that."
Me: "Maybe we should just get rid of some of the books."
Jake: "I don't even know what "get rid of some books" means."
Alyssa: "Yeah, me neither. That doesn't make any sense."

9. Tyler, singing "Bananas for the Lord": "Boring, boring we're the branches! Boring, boring we're the braaanches!" (lyrics are "Glory, glory, we're the branches."

10. Alyssa: "I don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up. There's too many things I want to be: artist, or make jewelry, or teacher, or craft-maker . . . or maybe I'll be like you and just stay home and not work."
Jake, snickering: "Not work. Hey, did you hear her, Mom? She said, 'not work.' You work a lot. Not work, hahaha."

What made you Smile this week?

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