Friday, December 30, 2016

Things That Make Me Smile 12/2/16

Jake (11), Alyssa (8½), Zac (7), Tyler (4½), Nicholas (1½)

Happy Friday! This week, we celebrated Jake's 11th birthday, had a party for 3 of the boys, and started our various advent activities. This is such a busy, but fun time of year.

1. Alyssa: "Sometimes I see a book and I just have to read it!"

2. Jake: "Nicky's so cute I'm going to go crazy!" 

3. We do a book-a-day advent calendar every Christmas. Leighton read this book with a British accent. The kids and I were laughing so hard. He then read it again, changing his voice to various accents/characters as we suggested them. So much laughter. So much fun. Such a great daddy.  

4. Zac: "I hope God wants me to work for LEGO when I grow up. What if He has that for all of us? Maybe we could all work at Legoland and tell people about the Bible."

5. Nicholas, looking out the window at home: "Papa, c'mere! Papa, c'mere! Papa, are you?"  

6. Zac, changing his clothes for an activity at church: "I'm going to change in the bathroom in one of the cells." (stalls) 

7. Tyler: "Mom, I don't like being lazy."


9. Jake, joking: "Mom, that's not fair."
Me: "I'm a mom; I'm not supposed to be fair."
Zac: "You're not fair."
Me: "Thank you! That's quite the compliment."
Jake: "What? How is that a compliment?"

Me: "Because mom's aren't supposed to be fair. It means I'm doing my job."
Zac, whispering: "I only said it because I love you. I really do think you're fair."

What made you Smile this week?

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