Saturday, April 22, 2017

Things That Make Me Smile 4/7/17

Jake (11), Alyssa (9), Zac (7), Tyler (5), Nicholas (2)

Happy Weekend!  This week we bought a new van, finished a new book, and made many Lego creations. Did you have a good week, too?

1. Jake, after listening to the nursery rhyme: "Mom you just need to get old and live in a shoe. You already have so many children."

2. Zac: "Mom will you maaaaarry me? Haha, I'm just kidding. One, by the time I'm old enough, you'll be too old. Two, you already married dad. Three, there is no three."

3. Alyssa: "Boys are so disgusting!"
Jake: "Thank you!"
Alyssa: "You took that as a compliment?"


5. Zac, to Alyssa: "Whenever I think of Mom, I think of a picture of her with a sweet smiling face. That's always the first thing I think."

6. Alyssa: "My foot fell asleep. It feels like there are bouncy balls bouncing inside it."

7. Tyler sneezed in the living room.
Nicholas, who was already in bed for the night, shouted back, "Bess you, Ty-Ty! Bess you Ty-Ty!"

8. I received this note under the bathroom door.

9. Jake, incredulous: "How could anyone not like vegetables? I mean, how could you not like broccoli?"

10. Jake: "I don't remember it at all. How old was I? One?"
Me: "Yes, one. I could show you pictures."
Jake: "They had cameras then?!"
Alyssa: "TVs were even around then."

What made you Smile this week?

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