Friday, September 29, 2017

Things That Make Me Smile 9/29/17

Jake (11 1/2), Alyssa (9 1/2), Zac (7 1/2), Tyler (5 1/2), Nicholas (2 1/2)

Happy Friday! This week, Alyssa turned 9 1/2, Tyler turned 5 1/2, and I gave very personal details about my injury and what I'm learning during this process. What did you Smile about this week?

1. Me: "Did you know that I love you?"
Nicholas: "Oh! Daddy loves me!"

2. Nicholas giving "foot fives" (high fives with his feet).

3. Riddle: How can a man go 8 days without sleep?
Jake: "Coffee!"
(Do you know? The correct answer is at the bottom of this post.)

4. Zac: "I think I'm going to read extra, because I love that new book you got me."

Me: "Oh, I'm so glad!"
Zac: "Wait, is there a limit that I read?"
Me: "You have to read your required time each day, but after that you can read as much as you want."
Zac: "Really? There's no limit at all? I can just keep reading as long as I want?!"

5. Jake: "No matter what, you'll always be my favorite mother."


7. Jake: "Can I play the Kindle now?"

Me: "Yes, 15 minutes."
Jake: "25."
Me: "14."
Jake: "20."
Me: "12."
Jake: "I'm trying to negotiate. 17?"
Me: "You don't negotiate with your parents. 10."
Jake: "I'm not a very good negotiator. 15?"
Me: "15."

8. Alyssa: "Knots are magical."

9. Jake: "Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. And boys are made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails . . . But what are grandparents made of? . . . Ooh, I know! Presents and candy and everything dandy." 

10. Jake: "Algebra would be so much easier if you didn't always have to figure out what X is."

11. Jake, writing a story: "How do you spell colonel."
Me: "C-O-L-O-N-E-L"
Jake: "C-O-L--wait. Colonel. How do you spell colonel?"
Me: "C-O-L-O-N-E-L"
Jake: "What! That doesn't even make sense! . . . I'm just going to change it to general."

What made you Smile this week?

Riddle: How can a man go 8 days without sleep?
Answer: He sleeps at night!

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