Sunday, December 31, 2017

Things That Make Smile 12/15/17

Jake (12), Alyssa (9 1/2), Zac (8), Tyler (5 1/2), Nicholas (3)

Happy New Year! What a busy, fun, activity-filled month December has been. And while the time was bursting with memory-making experiences, I didn't record all that many quotes. I guess I was too busy enjoying the days! Both this list and the next will be double week posts. I hope you've taken the time to Smile, too.  

1. Listening to Nicholas sing "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas."

2. Jake, looking out the window: "Too bad it doesn't snow chocolate."

3. Decorating the house for Christmas.

4. Tyler, about dinner: "Even when you look at it you know it's good."

5. Celebrating Nicholas' 3rd birthday.

6. Birthday pancakes.

7. Alyssa, about the cake I made for Nicholas' birthday: "It tastes better than it looks--and that's saying something! Mom, you can really work some magic with cake."

8. Watching the kids play in the snow.

9.  Vising my niece and her new baby in the hospital.

10. Making ornaments with the kids.

11. Alyssa read the first book of a trilogy in one day. By early afternoon of the next day, she was beginning the book three. When I was so surprised that she had finished the second book already, she admitted that she woke up in the middle of the night and read half of the book with a flashlight.

12. Nicholas, because I get the hot water from our Keurig: "I want oatmeal with coffee in it."


14. Alyssa's favorite December reading spot.

15. Me: "Do you want to go to Gramma's today?"
Nicholas: "Yes! And go hunting!"
Me: "Go hunting? And how are you going to do that?"
Nichoas: "Because."
Me: "Because why?"
Nicholas: "Because. I want to."
Me: "You want to go hunting at Gramma's."
Nicholas: "Yes! I want Daddy take me!"

16. Nicholas, concerned about the first snow of the season: "It's on the van! What! What we do? . . . Why is it on the road? . . . Oh, no! We need a new car!"

and then 5 minutes later . . .

17. "We need more! How we get more?!"

What made you Smile this week?

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