Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jake's 5th Birthday

I'd never really believed in "love at first sight." That is until 5 years ago. And then I fell. Hard. The moment my baby boy was placed in my arms I knew a love that is "instinctual, unconditional, and forever."

Jake has an uncanny ability to drive me crazy and make me laugh all in the same breath. He's witty, intelligent, stubborn, and goofy like his papa. He's creative, handsome, and handy like his daddy. Sometimes I wonder if he got anything from me. Then he'll say something like, "Mommy, I love your (insert variable here). It's so neat an organized!" And I'll think, "Yeah, that's my boy."

I asked him some of his favorites. Here are his answers:
color: red
food: chicken, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes
toy: Trios
place: "anywhere I get to spend the night" (Is he trying to tell me something?)
thing to do with mommy: make stuff (crafts & baking)
thing to do with daddy: watch Myth Busters
song: Patch the Pirate
candy: all of it
restaurant: Red Robin
show/movie: Batman
drink: Pepsi, when asked "What kind?" he says "Root Beer" (Pepsi is the northern Coke)
occupation: everything (but his top 2 are chef and firefighter)

We celebrated Jake's 5th birthday last Saturday. Let me tell you, I don't want to have a party Thanksgiving  weekend again. I blame my sister-in-law since she picked the date. But she brings the cakes, so we forgive her!

The Birthday Boy

Taco Time

Zachy stole cupcake #1.

Completely edible Batman cake (minus the cape.)

"Happy Birthday to you!"

"The Joke's on you, Batman!"

Reading his own birthday card.

Cupcake #2

Trying to steal cupcake #3.

He was very excited to receive his own "video game" from Daddy & Mommy.

He greatly enjoyed turning 5, but wouldn't you know, he already asked, "When am I going to be 5-and-a-half?"
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  1. I think he really loved his Batman cake, Dawn should open her own business. And his own video game, what great parents you are. This is a birthday to remember!