Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 3/16/12

This was another week where I didn't record a whole lot.  First, I was sick. Then, I spoke too soon about the kids. Thankfully none of them got it nearly as bad as I did. I'd much rather have it worse/longer than see my babies feel yucky. Anyway, here are the few things I did manage to write down.

1. Alyssa: :Is the new baby a boy or a girl?"
Me: "We don't know yet."
Alyssa: "We need Daddy to make an x-ray to see if the baby has long hair or short hair so we'll know if it's a girl or boy."

2. Did you know that everyone speaks English? They just say different words. Like hola is just a different way to say hello.

4. Alyssa was kneeling beside Jake as he was lying on the couch not feeling well. She was caressing his face and saying, "It's ok. You'll feel better soon. Soon. It's ok." 

5. Getting my birth kit in the mail!

6. My nephew came home from college for a week, so the whole family got together at my parents' house. We always enjoy spending time together. Jake made him a card and told him that he's his best "frend." All 3 kids were ecstatic to spend the evening with their cousins and aunt and uncle.
7. Me: "Zac, are you being a brat?"
Zac: "Yes."
At least he's honest.

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