Friday, June 22, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 6/22/12

Hello, Friday!  This was a week of celebrations - Fathers Day on Sunday and our anniversary yesterday. For our anniversary, we bought a Garmin eTrek 20 GPS. We've been wanting to go geocaching for a while and now we can! We loaded up the kids last night after dinner and headed to 4 caches. It was so much fun! They've been bugging asking me all day if we can go again tonight. It was definitely a good purchase.

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Let's smile!

1. Jake: "Why do you have to go to a wedding tonight?"
Me: "We don't have to go. We want to go?"
Jake: "Well, why do you want to go? Oh, because there's going to be wedding cake!"

2. Me: "I am tired."
Zac: "No you not."
Me: "Yes, I am.
Zac: "No. You not have pajamas."

3. Jake: "That's fancy picnic talk."

4. Jake: "Tyler just said his second word, 'uh uh!'"
Me: "If that is his second word, what was his first?"
Jake: "Hey."

5. Listening to Alyssa laugh out loud in her sleep.

6. Taking the kids to the park for a picnic.

7. Carrying on a "conversation" with my 2 month old.

8. Jake, while looking at LEGO sets online: "I am not going to buy that one until I have enough money."

9. I was sitting on the couch reading my Bible when Zac climbed up and asked, "Mommy, may I read with you?"

10. Alyssa asked, "Mom, can we organize?" She is so my girl.

11. Zac was hugging Tyler and said, "Aww, he loves me. Baby Ty Juice, you wanna kiss? Yes. He said 'yes!'"

12. My surprises.

13. Jake: "What kind of job should I have?"
Me: "Whatever job God wants you to have."
Jake: "I hope He doesn't want me to go to outer space. All you do is stick a flag in the ground and come home. That's no fun."
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