Friday, June 8, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 6/8/12

Happy Friday! I've really been enjoying our 30 for 30 challenge this week. The kids and I have been having fun playing together. We had a blast yesterday with our science experiment! So much so, that I had to buy more of a certain ingredient today because we ran out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get it posted this week. Definitely watch for it next Thursday though! Jake's last soccer game was last night, so things should be slowly down a little for us. We celebrated a great season with going out for ice cream after the game. Yea for ice cream!

1. Jake: "I hope baby Ty Juice doesn't grow up too fast. He's so cute. He's cuter than a pollywog."

2. Watching the kids race in the pinewood derby at church. (Leighton's post coming soon.) 

3. Zac: "Hello, Mommy Princess."

4. Jake: "I can't wait til winter so I can wear my footed-pajamas."

5. Zac: "Blue makes me firsty." (thirsty)

6. Alyssa: "Jesus is everywhere. He's even in Jacob's tummy."

7. Zac: "Mommy, you make my blue birtday?"
Me: "Ok, but not today."
Zac: "Not today?!?"
Me: "No, today's not your birthday."
Zac: "You make my pink one birtday? Purple one birtday? Red one birtday?"
He doesn't give up easily.

8. Zac, talking about Tyler: "I wike him. He's my new friend."

9. I couldn't open a jar. Alyssa said, "We need Dad or Jake. Any of the muscle guys."

10. Watching the videos on the Raising Leafs (and our second one) youtube channel with the kids and hearing them laugh at themselves.

11. Jake: "How much is a dollar?"
Me: "A dollar."
Jake: "But how much is a dollar?"
Me: "A dollar."
Jake: "No, how much is a dollar?"
Me: "One hundred cents."
Jake: "Whooooaaaa!"
Me: "It's really not a lot."
Jake: "Oh."

Have you smile this week?

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