Friday, August 17, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 8/17/12

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a fantastic week FULL of SMILES!!!

1. Jake: "The place is deserted? Like there are desserts there?"

2. Zac, to Alyssa: "Pretty, pretty, pretty. I think you wook pretty."

3. Jake: "Why is it called Pennsylvania? Do they make a lot of pencils there?"

4. I had been giving the kids clues about where we were going.
Jake: "It must have a toy department."
Me: "Actually, pretty much the whole store is the toy department."
Jake: "Michaels?"

5. Zac: "C'mon, let's go. {pats my leg} What's dat?"
Me: "Goosebumps."
Zac: "I don't wike dose."
Me, chuckling: "You don't?"
Zac: "No. I wike your wegs, but I don't wike dose."

6. Tyler helping me cook dinner.

7. Jake, while holding Tyler: "Aw, he smells like he did when he was first born."

8. Jake: "Mom, you make the best french toast!" (Mine is the only french toast he's ever had, but I'll still take it as a high compliment.)

9. Leighton stopped by the house for a couple minutes during the day to pick something up. We were all sad when he left again.
Zac: "Where's my daddy going?"
Me: "He has to go back to work."
Zac: "Oh, no. I want him to stay here."

10. Jake, showing me his arm: "Pretend this is my arm. Well, don't pretend it's my arm, because it is my arm.  . . "

11. Alyssa and I were making frosting for our turtle cake. She had me stop the mixer every 30 seconds so she could taste it and "make sure it was perfect."

12. Jake, after giving Tyler a kiss: "His lips are soggy." 

13. Jake: "Please, with a cherry on top?"
Alyssa: "No."
Zac: "Can I have the cherry on top?"

What made you smile this week???

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