Monday, October 8, 2012

Make It Monday: Liquid Hand Soap

This is another DIY project that's been on my list of things to try - liquid hand soap. This particular method starts with a bar soap. You grate it, melt it down, and have soap. It's very similar to homemade liquid laundry detergent.

Jake was very excited when I said we were going to make soap. He asked if he could do everything by himself.

And everything he did.

Start by grating a bar of soap into flakes.

I hand-grated my soap for laundry detergent for years because I didn't want to possibly hurt my precious food processor. It's a pain and it takes forever. One day though, I took a chance. Let me tell ya, no more hand-grating for me! It works quickly and efficiently. My food processor is truly one of my favorite gadgets in the kitchen.

Besides, hand-grating never produced that pure-joy smile!

I tried telling them that this wasn't supposed to be fun - it's work!

They just wouldn't believe me though.

Pour 10 cups of water into a large pot.

We used purified water instead of the chemically tap stuff, but I'm not sure you have to. Well you don't have to have to. You can really do whatever you want, but you know.

Add 1 tablespoon glycerin.

We had a bottle in the closet from making bubbles. Yea!

Add 1 cup of the soap flakes.

Heat on medium-low, stirring occasionally, until the soap dissolves.

Let it cool completely (some have had best results with letting it cool overnight.)

While you're waiting, definitely take time to play . . . um, I mean . . . test. Yes, take time to test your soap. 

I may have been the first one to plunge my hand into the cool, goopy, slimy substance. And I may have enjoyed it a little too much. And I possibly called the kids over to test it, as well. And they definitely loved the sensory experience. It reminded me of this messy science experiment and this even messier science experiment.

At least this time, the messy science experiment was actually cleansing in and of itself!   

When you're soap is thoroughly cooled - and you're done playing - pour it into bottles using a funnel. Squirt and wash.

So, what do I think?

  • First of all, it's extremely easy to make. My 6 year old made completely it by himself.
  • Second, it's very cheap. And I like cheap.
  • Third, I don't know. It's watery and suds very little. Not that you need the sudsing, but it's a mental thing. I also filled the kids' foaming soap dispenser, and it works great in there.
  • Fourth, it smells great, but that's determined by the bar soap you use. We used Jergens.

I'm semi-pleased with this soap. When we run out, I plan to experiment a bit more. There are many helpful comments that might help me produce a better soap. The important thing is that it is indeed cleaning our hands.

Have you ever tried making liquid soap? How did it turn out?

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