Monday, December 3, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 11/30/12

Remember last week when I said how busy this weekend was going to be? Busy is an understatement. The festivities included Jake's birthday, a friend's party, the kids' very first time bowling, and a whole bunch of go-go-going. We were gone all weekend. This is really the first chance I've gotten to write up our smiles from the week. The smiles from this weekend alone are enough to make its own post though. Busy generally means a lot of smiling. I'll save some of that for Jake's 7th birthday post though. But don't worry, there's still plenty to smile about now!

1. Leighton: "Zachary, why do you have banana bread in your eye?"
Zac: "Because it smacked me right in the eye."

2. Zac: "I was playing with Tyler and teaching him tricks."

3. Jake: "What kind of fish eat fish? Catfish!"

4. Leighton and Me: "Where?"
Me: "Jinx. You owe me a kiss."
Alyssa, sweetly: "Aaaaaaaaww!"

5. Usually, when I play with Legos with Jake, he feels the need to "fix" my creations. But . . . I actually made 2 droids that he liked - no fixing required! Ha, I finally impressed my 7-year-old!  

6. Jake: "I made up a list of things that everyone can do. One is either go to Heaven or Hell. Another thing is everyone first has to be a baby."

7. Alyssa, after receiving a tiny piece of candy: "Jacob, you're so, so nice." 

8. Zac, about the word zoo: "Look! That says Zac with two Os."

9. Alyssa: "Daddy, you should be Mr. Incredible!"

10. Since Jake is reading chapter books now, his pretend play takes place in chapters too:
"We're getting ready to start chapter 3 'The Vacation.' We just finished chapter 2 'The Bus Trip' but that was a short chapter."

11. Zac was shoving handfuls of dry Honey Bunches of Oats into his mouth. Quite a bit of cereal was missing his mouth and falling all over the kitchen floor.
Me: Why are you doing that?
Zac: 'Cause.
Me: 'Cause why? You're making a big mess.
Zac: So Tyler can have some.

12. Jake: "Did Grandma like that when she was a kid?"
Alyssa: "Grandma was never a kid."

What made you smile this week???
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