Friday, January 9, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 1/9/15

Jake (9), Alyssa (6½), Zac (5), Tyler (2½), Nicholas (newborn)

Happy Friday! It's been a pretty typical week at our house: School, chores, fun, focusing on my word of the year, and lots of Smiling. If you missed it earlier, part 12 of Kids Say the Funniest Things has been posted. Lots of Smiling on that one! I hope you've have a good week, too.

1. Zac, about Nicholas: "He's cuter than a cucumber! And he's cuter than a frog."

2. Tyler, while talking about favorite Christmas presents: "I have 5!"
Me: "You have 5? What are they?"
Tyler: "Red and blue and green and large."
Jake: "That's only 4. What's the 5th?"
Tyler: "Black."

3. Alyssa: "Thank you for being a wonderful mommy."

4. Jake: "I wish Nancy Drew were real and I got to help her."


6. Alyssa, while coloring: "Whoever scribbles the best wins!"

7. Zac, about peanut butter: "Which one do you think I'm getting?"
Me: "Crunchy."
Zac: "Yeah! It's my fravoritest one."

8. Sitting on the couch, nursing Nicholas, with Alyssa reading a book and cuddling on one side, Zac reading a book and cuddling on my other side, and Tyler sitting on my lap.

9. Tyler, sad: "I want Daddy."
Me: "Aww, you do? Do you miss him?"
Tyler: "Uh huh."

10. Zac, about Nicholas: "So he was born on his birthday?"

11. Zac begging to wash dishes with me.

12. Jake: "No one can really go to the center of the earth."
Zac: "We can; we have a basement."

13. These pictures.

14. Tyler: "My water's so drinky."

15. Tyler, first thing in the morning: "You take this lid off?"
Me: "You're not having cookies."
Tyler: "No, just one cookie."

What made you Smile this week?

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