Friday, January 12, 2018

Things That Make Me Smile 12/29/17

Jake (12), Alyssa (9 1/2), Zac (8), Tyler (5 1/2), Nicholas (3)

Happy Friday! This is the week we celebrated Christmas, Tyler lost his first tooth, and we spent quality time with family.

1. Alyssa was dressed up for church. Nicholas saw her and said, "You so pretty!" The next morning, she walked out of her room, unbrushed hair and still in pajamas. He looked at her and said, "You so pretty again!"

2. Zac, at Ikea: "I like the way this place is organized."

3. Reading Luke 2 before opening presents Christmas morning.

4. Nicholas: "Can I have sonts?"
Me: "Songs?"
Nicholas: "Yes."
Me: "You want me to turn on music?"
Nicholas: "No. Sonts."
Me: "Songs?"
Nicholas: Yes."
Me: "You want music?"
Nicholas, grabs my hand, pulls me into the kitchen, and points: "Sonts!"
Me: "Oh, croissants!"

5. Nicholas, talking about what he was going to do the next morning: ". . . after I wake up my eyes."

6. Tyler: "Mommy, I like how you're dressed. And I like your hair . . . And I like how you're smiling at me."


8. Zac, walking into my room where a fire was burning in the fireplace: "Mmm, that smells so good. I'd like to have a shirt that smells like that."

9. Nicholas, because his food was hot: "Mommy, will you blow dis up, pease?"

10. Tyler: "Brussels sprouts are so good they make my head hyper!"

11. Me: "What happened to this room?! I thought you guys cleaned it last night."
Jake: "It's called Nicholas and 10 minutes. Scratch that. Nicholas and 5 minutes."

What made you Smile this week?

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