Friday, September 18, 2020

Things That Make Me Smile 4/24/20

Jake (14), Alyssa (12), Zac (10), Tyler (8), Nicholas (5)

Happy Friday! This week we laughed a lot while practicing trick shots and recreating baby pictures, enjoyed our April Christmas Experience with a smorgasbord ice cream sundae bar at home, and Jake entered a coding contest with hundreds of kids and placed in the top few.

1. Documentary about the ocean: "Cuttlefish are very dangerous."
Tyler: "But . . . they cuddle!"

2. Alyssa, about a contest: "If I do win, I'm going to set aside my tithe and then use the rest of the money to buy fabric for a quilt."

3. Nicholas, circling T words on a worksheet, seeing a turkey: "Mmmmmeat. Mmm Mmmeat. Nope."

4.  Nicholas, about Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes: "I want to go back to the sandy desert."

5. Alyssa sewed a sock bunny.

6. Nicholas, about a  Pirates of the Caribbean Lego set: "Jake, you know your Pirates Carabiner guy?"

7. Nicholas: "Oh, no! I swallowed my gum!"

Me: "Well, that’s not good. You’re not supposed to do that."
Nicholas: " I didn’t! My throat did it. Sometimes it tries to get my gum and I have to save it. Sometimes I miss though."

8. Alyssa, laughing: "Mom warned me, but I didn't listen!"
Jake: "Do you know how many times that has applied to my life?"

9. Alyssa: "I used to think Siamese cats were connected, like people. That would be cool. Two cats for the price of one!"

10. Nicholas, putting his cheek to my face, like he was checking for a fever: "You have a cold."
Me, perfectly healthy: "Do I?"
Nicholas: "No, you have a warm."

11. Nicholas didn't want to clean up his Legos that were all over the living room floor, so I jokingly asked if he wanted to trade jobs and clean the kitchen for me instead. That excited him. I cleaned up the toys, fully expecting to finish off the kitchen afterward. But he washed the dishes, wiped down the table and counters, and even swept. All by himself! He was almost as proud of himself as I was.

12. Tyler, solving a riddle in his math book: "What is light as a feather, but you cannot hold? It's supposed to be your breath, but you can hold your breath."

13. Me, from the kitchen: "Tyler, don't be disgusting."
Tyler, laughing: "Who told you?"
Me: "No one. I'm a mom; I know things."
Tyler: "Ok, where am I?"
Me: "In the living room."
Tyler: "What am I sitting on?"
Me: "Your blanket."
Tyler: "Aah! Ok, what was the last word I said?"
Me: "Said."
Tyler: "Aah!! Man! You're good!"

What made you Smile this week?

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Reading Eggs

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My kids have enjoyed using Reading Eggs from Blake eLearning Inc in the past and were thrilled to be able to review it again. We've tried many online learning sites over the years, but this has always been their favorite.

Reading Eggs is an online program that teaches kids to read in a fun, engaging way. The program focuses on a core curriculum of skills and strategies by incorporating both activities and games. Because it is an extension of what students learn in school, it encourages sustained reading success and gives students the confidence to read. These quality literacy products are used successfully all over the world.

When you sign into your Reading Eggs account, you'll be taken to your family dashboard. If you have more than one student using it (up to 4), you can choose which profile you want from there. The dashboard also gives important stats like the student's estimated reading level, how many phonics skills and sight words he knows, his progress, how many books he's read, quizzes, lessons, and more. You can easily change between students and the various other programs and levels included in a subscription (Junior, Eggspress, Fast Phonics, and Mathseeds) by clicking the images on the dashboard.

The lessons, which are designed for ages 3-7, are divided into maps with the first one being for absolute beginning readers and the last one is geared to help early readers gain confidence. Your child should take the placement test so the program can determine where he needs to work.

The lessons are animated and incorporate a variety of options for teaching. There are songs, books, videos, and many games. The games--which teach letters, blending, word families and more,--include things like adding hair to monsters, squirting sauce on eggs, catching frogs on lily pads, hopping penguins to blocks of ice, adding stamps to letters, and so much more. These silly games keep my kiddos interested in learning.

Most of my kids are strong readers now, so I am thankful for the other programs that are offered, such as Reading Eggpress for ages 7-13 and Mathseeds for ages 3-9. Each program utilizes the same philosophy for teaching in an age-appropriate format.

A new learning option is the Fast Phonics section. This world, set in snow-capped mountains and surrounded by yetis, helps early elementary students or those older who might be struggling with reading to fully grasp phonics. This program includes powerful visual memory aids, colorful decodable books, and systematic phonics instruction as it takes the student through 20 fun-filled levels.

As the students progress through the lessons in the various programs, they earn rewards (golden eggs, acorns, coins, etc. depending on the program) to purchase various items. They can choose clothing for their avatar, furniture for their house, pets, background scenes, trading cards, and more. This is always a favorite with my kids! They love saving their rewards to add to their scenes.

A new variation to the rewards is the addition of monthly themes. Each month there is a whole new set of things that can be purchased based on a particular theme. For instance July was a Medieval theme that included options for a torch sconce, a stone fireplace, a wooden dining table, hanging coat of arms, and more. August was space-themed and offered an astro table and chairs, a hover bed, a Saturn plant, a transporter, and more. There are also costume options for your avatar such as a queen, princess, bard, aliens, and robots. Each reward is limited to that month only for buying, but is kept forever once purchased. My kids are already eyeing some things to buy for this month's party theme.

There really is so much included with a Blake eLearning Inc subscription, and they're adding new features all the time. A couple more new ones are the Mental Minute in the Mathseeds section which builds fact fluency in one-minute drills and the new Android app which allows you to take your learning on the go. There are also tons of online homeschooling resources which include over 500 printable worksheets and lesson plans and emailed progress reports. It's easy to see why the program has won dozens of awards.

We have a relaxed schedule in the summer months and though I don't require a lot of traditional school learning, I had no problems getting my kids to work through the programs. In fact, they often asked me if they could do Reading Eggs. They each have their favorite activities.

"I like bouncing the balls and racing and the yetis. And I like learning my letters."

"I like all of it! My favorite thing is to buy stuff for my guy."

"I like the Driving Test, because it's fun."

"My favorite part is the Library because it has books I can read.
I also like writing for the Story Contest." (And was even shortlisted for the weekly top five stories.)

And then my teenager even told me what he thought of it.

"I don't like Reading Eggs, because my siblings are always hogging the computer."

Ha! He was being sarcastic, but I think that explains just how much my kids enjoy using the program.

If you would like your kids to work through the learning path to strengthen their reading and math skills, you can try a free 30-day trial to Reading Eggs. I must warn you though, your kids might start "hogging the computer," too!

You can connect with Reading Eggs and Blake eLearning Inc on the following social media sites:

If you'd like to see how other homeschoolers used these programs, you can read more reviews on the Homeschool Review Crew blog.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Homeschool Easy

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Homeschooling comes with plenty of challenges, but choosing a curriculum doesn't have to be one of them. This review of Homeschool Easy will show you how you can get everything you need for your elementary student all in one easy-to-use package.

Homeschool Easy is a "back-to-the-basics approach that focuses on the fundamentals." There are daily worksheets for the core subjects--history, grammar, math, reading, science, and writing--that can be completed in approximately 4 hours each day. This all-inclusive curriculum was designed to help those parents and guardians with no teaching experience to easily and confidently homeschool their children. While there are options for grades 1-5, we chose the 3rd Grade Entire School Year Curriculum.

Homeschool Easy comes as digital download. You'll need access to the internet, a printer and lots of paper. All of the lessons are divided by subject in folders. The parent can print the worksheets weekly, allowing the student to work at his own pace and then have time to focus on personal interests. Each subject will require instruction from the parent.

  • Reading -- weekly word lists, flashcards, crossword puzzles, fill-in-the-blank, word search, and comprehension paper, daily reading of chapter books
  • Math -- teacher instruction and video links, exercises, and printable flashcards and manipulatives
  • Grammar -- teacher instruction and video links, exercises
  • History -- video links and worksheets, teacher instruction for projects
  • Science -- video links and worksheets, teacher instruction for projects and experiments
  • Writing -- teacher instruction, 2 writing exercises weekly

The reading word lists are categorized into groups like short vowel words, long E words, homophones, three letter clusters, words beginning with un- and re-, proper nouns, and so on. Each word lists includes the same reviewing methods (as stated above.) My only concerns is the amount of ink it requires to print the crossword puzzles. A floating puzzle would be much more cost-effective.

Chapter books like Mr. Popper's Penguins, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Stuart Little, and The Boxcar Children among others are incorporated. On average, the student will read a chapter a day and answer a few comprehension questions.

The math lessons focus on a topic each week. In addition to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, the lessons teach concepts including place value, decimals, measurements, polygons, area, charts, and time. There can be anywhere from 12-34 exercises for each lesson with the daily number usually being around 15. There is no explanation on the worksheets and very few examples, but there is a teaching video included weekly on the teacher answer key.

Grammar covers topics such as statements and questions, parts of speech, compound sentences, commas, tense, contractions, pronouns, sentence combining, and more. Each topic is reviewed for a week before moving on. There is no full explanation for the teaching, but there are examples for many of the lessons and weekly YouTube videos.

The history course is packed with videos. Instead of one a day or one a week, like the other courses, there are multiple videos to watch each day. Since this course is American history, topics taught include patriotism and people, places, and wars of our past. Hands-on learning is encouraged through drawings, poster board displays, and paper projects.

Science is also filled with teaching videos. Topics are divided into months and study things like the solar system, energy and light, water and land, and animals. Projects include drawings, a comet craft, a dessert diorama, creating a model of a river, making an animal habitat poster board, and more.

The writing folder includes a simple teacher's guide, a grading rubric, and months, and two writing prompts for each week.

Homeschool Easy is a straightforward curriculum. Each week, the parent simply prints the needed worksheets and guides the student through the daily worksheets and videos. As it is very heavy on worksheets and filling in answers, it is not a good fit for our style of learning. The teaching videos are a variety of styles and voices from all over YouTube. As with all things, some videos are better suited for the age group than others. Some will keep the attention of a third grader, while others are more difficult to follow. For instance, we watched videos using heavy accents, and while sometimes that is fine, it might not be the best choice for teaching young ones, grammar especially.

Homeschool Easy definitely lives up to their name. It's easy to use for both the teacher and the student. If you're looking for an all-in-one package for your elementary student, this might be the option for you.

You can connect with Homeschool Easy on the following social media sites:

Since everyone has different learning styles, you will want to read more reviews of this program from other homeschoolers to see how it worked in their homes.

Homeschool Curriculum for Grades 1 to 5 {Homeschool Easy Reviews}
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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Super Teacher Worksheets

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Anyone who knows us knows that our educational style is not based on textbooks, but rather literature and hands-on learning. Even though we don't focus on a lot of workbook pages, I love whenever we get a full 1-year membership with unlimited downloads/access to review Super Teacher Worksheets.

Why is that? Because they offer many options that keep my kiddos engaged and interested while covering a variety of topics.

Super Teacher Worksheets is a website devoted to providing teachers with printable educational materials. These aren't just your typical worksheets that are common and monotonous. There are pages that cover specific areas like determining cause and effect, finding adjectives that come after nouns, skip counting dot-to-dots, learning about the digestive system, tracing hexagons, literacy units for many popular books, plotting latitude and longitude, and much more. There are many crossword puzzles, word searches, cipher wheels, flashcards, coloring pages, sequence cards, and other games that support individual topics.

There are also hands-on activities such as a project to measure the heights of different people, a simple machines board game, word family memory games and word spinners, solar system scavenger hunt, and coin flipping to test probability. With over 16,000 printable teaching resources, there is something for everyone.

So many options can seem overwhelming, but the printables are divided into main topics:

  • Math
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reading & Writing
  • Phonics
  • Early Literacy
  • Grammar
  • Spelling Lists
  • Chapter Books
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Holidays
  • Puzzles & Brain Teasers
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten

From there, you'll find many subcategories to meet specific needs. Once you choose a subject, the search is narrowed down even further. For instance, if you choose math and then volume, you'll have 5 worksheet options.
There is also a Teacher Helpers section that is full of resources to help keep you organized and provide some fun extras. There are dozens of awards and certificates (from reading 10 books to tying shoes to excelling in music), crafts (like a winter scene diorama and a bunny with movable arms and legs), electives (such as learning the parts of a computer and labeling musical notes), and anti-bullying resources (including stories, poems, and worksheets). There are also aids for sticker charts, lesson planners, word walls, lined paper, calendars, birthday decorations, and tons of templates.

Along with those aids, there is an entire section dedicated to worksheet generators. If you can't find exactly what you need already on the site, you have the option to easily create one with your own information. You can make bingo, flashcards, crossword puzzles, word searches, multiple choice, matching, short answer, and more.
I used the generator to make a cryptogram puzzle. I chose a Dr. Seuss quote and typed it in. Then I was able to personalize it by deciding on a difficulty level and key type (using numbers, letters, or symbols.) Then I printed. That's it! So fast and simple. I appreciate that I could make an easy option for a fun activity for my 8-year-old and then a more difficult version to work on critical thinking and common letter/word combinations with my 12-year-old. They enjoyed it so much that they asked for more puzzles like this.
Super Teacher Worksheets has been the perfect addition to our summer learning. We are year-round homeschoolers with a relaxed schedule in the warmer months. I like that not only do my kids enjoy the worksheets, but actually ask to complete them.
Our favorite section is Puzzles & Brain Teasers. We've worked through all the What Am I? challenges, traveled through Word Maze puzzles, guessed Hink Pinks, solved Thinking Riddles, deciphered Rebus Puzzles, became Number Detectives, and used our brains in other ways. The kids also really enjoyed plotting coordinates to graph pictures and solving math equations to find hidden objects. There are so many options for worksheets that feel like fun instead of work. The kiddos don't even realize they're doing "school!"
If you're looking for resources to supplement your curriculum or to add some fun summer exercises, Super Teacher Worksheets might be exactly what you need!

You can connect with Super Teacher Worksheets on the following social media sites:

You can read read more reviews of Super Teacher Worksheets from other homeschoolers on the Homeschool Review Crew blog.

Printable Activities and Worksheets! {Super Teacher Worksheets Reviews}
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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

World War II Study

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

World War II has become my favorite time period to read about on my own the last couple years, and while I've read the kids some biographies and talked about the circumstances during that time, we've never done a full study of it. When we had the opportunity to review a product from one of our favorite companies, I knew that the Time Traveler's U.S. History Studies: World War II would be perfect.

Home School in the Woods is known for their detailed, hands-on history curricula. We have used various resources from their many product lines over the years and have loved each one. From their Project Passports to their Activity Studies to their Hands-on History Lap-Paks to each À La Carte item, the choices are full of information, high quality, and so very fun. This was our first experience with the Time Traveler's U.S. History Studies series, and it did not disappoint!

Home School in the Woods is a family business that was started as a way to make history real, understandable, and applicable. Using timelines and realistic illustrations as a foundation, they've created many resources to make learning history an enjoyable process.

The World War II study is part of the Time Traveler's U.S. History Studies series which covers topics such as Colonial Life, The American Revolution, and The Civil War among others. Each Time Traveler's is a complete study of a specific topic with multiple projects and accompanying text. The units are geared toward grades 3-8 and were created to include everything for a compact assignment.

The download (also available as a CD) comes as a zip file. Once you open it, and see the multiple folders, click on the "start" file. At that point, the entire program will open in your browser, making it very easy to use. Instead of clicking through multiple folders, trying to bounce back and forth among the resources, everything is laid out as you need it.

There are full step-by-step instructions for each component. The Text Pages are the informational part of the lessons. The text is engaging and fact-filled and can be read word-for-word while teaching. The Project Pages list each project for the lesson, including detailed instructions, illustrtions, and needed materials. The Masters are the printable pages for the projects. They are individual PDFs and sometimes offer different choices of style and format.

I love studying together as a family as much as possible and appreciate that these studies from Home School in the Woods can easily be used with a range of ages. My kids are 14, 12, 10, 8, and 5 years old, and each one is enjoying learning about World War II. I read the lesson texts to them, stopping many times to further discuss an idea, research additional information, or look at a map. We've had many good discussions about freedom, the abuse of power, keeping leaders accountable, and fighting for what is right. 

The lessons begin long before the war by explaining what the world was like after WWI and describe the events that led up to the next world war. From there, the study teaches chronologically touching on topics such as individual battles, America's official entrance to the war, Hitler's Fortress, concentration camps, peace, and more. Lesson 25 ends the study with a Celebration Day, complete with authentic ration recipes, activities, games, and more.

Like all the resources from Home School in the Woods, this one is packed with activities! Many of the pages--timeline, penmanship quotes, war terms, propaganda posters, military medals, and many others--will be kept in a 3-ringed binder. There are some multi-step projects that will be added to throughout the study, such as a detailed lapbook, sample newspaper, record book, and mapping major events. There is also hands-on learning options, too, like planting a victory garden, sewing a garrison cap, cooking war ration recipes (like the buttermilk sponge custard that we made), making a souvenir pillowcase, and sending a soldier care package. 

There are so many activity suggestions that you can easily choose which ones would be best for you and your kids.

We have been doing 1-2 lessons a week depending on the number of activities we've chosen and taking into consideration our relaxed summer schedule. The text is perfect for the target age, explaining the details in simple terms while sprinkling in more advanced vocabulary and concepts. The study offers many options for activities that vary in both content and skill. There are even a few games included like Bingo using foreign war terms, a Battleship-type on paper, and a trivia file folder game. 

While there is already plenty of information and activities in the study itself, you can find many more books, videos, and other suggestions in the Additional Resources section to further your learning.

The World War II Time Traveler's U.S. History Studies truly is a hands-on adventure in history!

Home School in the Woods offers many products that teach history. With this being an election year, the U.S. Elections Lap-Pak would be a perfect addition to your school day. It's important that our children understand the election process and appreciate their responsibility to vote. If you'd like to see just how thorough the study is, you can read our review from a few year ago. I think it's time we pull it out and work through it again, too!

Home School in the Woods is generously sponsoring a giveaway through the end of August. You can get a FREE copy of Greek Life! File Folder Game when you use code TOSGameNight. Happy learning!

You can connect with Home School in the Woods on the following social media sites:

If you'd like to learn more about all that Home School in the Woods has to offer, you can read more reviews of their products on the Homeschool Review Crew blog.

Election Lap-Pak, Benjamin Franklin, Timeline Collection, Time Travelers U.S.History and Make-A-State Activity-Pak {Home School in the Woods Reviews}
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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Things That Make Me Smile 4/10/20

* This post may contain affiliate links.

Jake (14), Alyssa (12), Zac (10), Tyler (8), Nicholas (5)

Happy weekend! It's hard to believe these Smiles were from 4 months ago. Time goes by so fast! This week, we made many batches of granola, fermented sauerkraut for the first time, and played a fun new game for Game Schooling. Jake built an owl nesting box by himself, and the other kids completed some hands-on projects. I love seeing my kids use their talents!

1. Tyler, playing a game: "A giraffe mixed with an elephant? That would be horrifying!"

2. Alyssa: "He wasn't born yet?"
Jake, confused: "He was in Borneo?"

3. Tyler: "Mom, why do we have only two?"
Me: "Two what?"
Tyler: "Bathrooms."
Me: "How many do we need?"
Tyler: "I don't know! Fifteen?"

4. Zac: "Mom, geodes are so cool. They look kinda ugly on the outside, but you break them open and they're beautiful on the inside. It's like people; you can't judge them by what they look like."

5. Me, explaining a picture from a couple years ago to Nicholas: "We were getting ready to go to church."
Alyssa: "Ah, getting ready to go to church. I miss it."

6. Nicky studying Algebra II.

7. Nicholas calling Cragger from Lego Chima Cracker.

8. Jake, feigning surprise after I told him he couldn't do something he knew he wouldn't be allowed to: "But you said I could!"
Me, laughing: "Because I knew Dad would overrule me."
Alyssa, playfully: "He can't do that!"
Me: "Of course he can. Who's in charge of this family?"
Alyssa: "Technically, you two are one."
Me: "That's true. But when there's a dispute, who gets the final say?"
Jake, raising his hand: "Ooh, pick me! Pick me!"
Zac: "Who do you pick?"
Me: "Dad!"
Zac: "Then who?"
Me: "Me."
Zac: "Which one of us do you pick to be in charge?"
Me: "Hmm . . . Nicky."
Nicholas, laughing maniacally, pointing to Jake: "Mop the floor!!"
Jake gets up, flips Nicholas upside down, and "mops" the floor with his hair.

9. Alyssa dried flowers from our yard, laminated them, and made bookmarks and then braided bracelets. She sent the goodies to her friends to let them know she missed them.

10. Nicholas, climbing all over Jake: "You smell like . . . nothing!"

11. Zac, reading facts about polar bears and fennec foxes: "It's pretty amazing how God made every animal to have exactly what they need to survive."

12. Nicholas, watching me wash a mirror: "It's a miracle! That's perfect!"

13. Nicholas, in the middle of the night: "Daddy, will you shorten the light?"
Me: "Daddy's sleeping, sweetie pie. What do you need?"
Nicholas: "Will you shorten the light?"
Me: "I'm sorry, I don't understand."
Nicholas: "I need to go potty and the light is too bright."
Me: "Oh! You want me to dim the light!"

What made you Smile this week?

* Some of the links in the content above are affiliate links. If you click on a link and purchase an item, I may receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I recommend products or services that I have used personally and all the text and opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 225.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Experience Biology

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Since my oldest child is in high school, I appreciate when we get reviews that focus on the advanced subjects. He was planning to take a biology class starting this fall, so when the opportunity came from Journey Homeschool Academy to use their Experience Biology: Upper Level course, we jumped at the chance to start early.

Luke and Trisha Gilkerson from Intoxicated on Life are focused on raising kids God's way. They believe in "nurturing your children's bodies, cultivating their minds, and inspiring their souls." They have been public speakers for over 15 years and guide parents through topics such as screen time, anger, sex education, discipline, Scripture memorization, and more. They also believe it's possible to have a balanced approach to high school science while learning at home and that the process can be characterized by both excellence and fun. Using these guidelines, they have created the Experience Biology course.

Experience Biology, taught with a Biblical worldview, contains everything your student needs for a high school credit class with approximately 180 hours of study.

  • Video Lessons -- 2 engaging teaching lessons every week for 35 weeks
  • Comprehension Quizzes -- weekly quizzes along with quarterly exams, graded score given immediately
  • Lab Assignments & Research Questions -- weekly hands-on lab experiments with videos and thought-provoking questions to deepen the scientific concepts
  • Reading Assignments -- optional weekly reading assignments from The Riot and the Dance: Foundational Biology

Luke teaches the lesson videos, while Trisha guides the step-by-step lab videos. Both of them are engaging and easy to follow. I'll be honest, my son was not thrilled with the idea of a biology class. He thought he would be learning only about plants and animals and had no interest in studying either one. The very first lesson video grabbed his attention though. He stopped it multiple times to tell me some tidbit of information that he learned. The first quarter of biology covers things on the cellular and molecular level which can be more difficult to understand because it doesn't relate to visible objects, but Luke does a great job explaining the concepts.

The labs ensure that there is hands-on, interactive learning nearly each week. At least 15 labs are needed to count the class for a science lab credit, so there are many options to choose which ones work best for your family. There is a custom kit that you can purchase if you want the full experience, or you can buy individual supplies a la carte from the course's wish list. You can also see a list of needed supplies for each lab so you can prepare in advance. Animal dissection isn't on the schedule for many weeks, but we're looking forward to that! Other labs include looking at multiple slides with the microscope, replicating the process of meiosis and reproduction in imaginary creatures, creating a classification system, observing various plant life and their parts, examining carbon dioxide exhaled from the lungs, and more.

All the resources your student needs come as digital downloads with the course such as the parent curriculum guide, student guide book, and student lab guide. There are also individual answer keys for both student books, research questions, diagrams, and a sample lab report. If you don't want to print the books yourself, there is also the option to buy full-color copies of both the spiral-bound student guidebook and the student lab guide.

The Student Management page lets me see how my son is doing at a glance. It shows me what percentage of the program he has completed along with each of the weekly quiz scores. He has to turn in the research questions and lab work to me, so between those and the online grades, it's easy to make sure he stays on track.

Even if the only thing I had to say about this course was that my son likes it, I would still think it's a good program. He knows what he likes and often asks why he needs to learn something if he doesn't think he will need it in the future. Yet, Experience Biology has won him over! He doesn't complain about the work and is interested in the videos. He's a little off track with our lighter summer schedule, vacation, and summer camp, but he's already learned a lot.

Here's what he had to say about it:

"I like that it's very straight forward with multiple examples. I like how it's a combination of a
video of him talking while showing other videos and pictures. It's very well done
and easy to understand. I've already learned a lot."

On top of his enthusiasm though, it is a truly great program. The videos are engaging, the information is complete, and the grading and tracking is simple to follow, but my favorite part is the labs. I love that the class is called Experience Biology because it's so fitting! Our learning style in our home is based on experiencing learning. We incorporate hands-on education every day because I believe in the importance of my children learning by doing. When I took biology in high school, we learned from a dry textbook and lectures. The only two labs I can remember at all were dissecting a flower and dissecting a frog. I am pleased that my son will have a thorough study. Experience Biology: Upper Level helps the student make practical applications based on factual learning in an interesting, thought-provoking manner.

If you're looking for a science course for your children, I highly recommend Journey Homeschool Academy.

You can connect with Journey Homeschool Academy through Intoxicated on Life on the following social media sites:

Some of my Crewmates were able to review the elementary biology course and the elementary astronomy course. You can read more reviews of the science curricula from Journey Homeschool Academy on the Homeschool Review Crew blog.

Experience Biology: Elementary Level, Upper Level and Experience Astronomy: Elementary {Journey Homeschool Academy Reviews}
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