Friday, December 31, 2010

Kids Say the Funniest Things: Part 3

On this last day of Twenty-Ten (as Leighton would say), we finish up our reflection of the year. 

Alyssa was disobeying, so I sang "I will obey the first time I'm told. I will obey right away. Never asking why, never with a sigh. I will obey right away." As soon as I finished she said, "I don't like that song."

Jake was asking me about death. He told me that if Leighton or I die before he does he'll be really sad. Sadder than he's supposed to be when he disobeys. 

Jake said, "The only thing we can hate it sin, right? Because Jesus hates sin."

Jake said, "Mommy, I love you. I love you so much that I can't stop loving you."

Alyssa loves arguing with Jake. One of her favorites is "No, I'm the dad; you're the mom!" Jake finally said, "Ugh, we've been over this already!"

Alyssa was growling out the window at a squirrel in the front yard.

Jake and I were talking about how big he is getting. He told me, "And one day I'm going to get married! Cause I'm so handsome already."

Jake was telling me all about when we got our front window replaced 3 years ago when he was 20 months old. When I asked him how he remembered all that he said, "I took a picture of it with my brain."

Jake wondered why Zac's crib has a skirt since it's obviously a boy crib and boys don't wear skirts.

Alyssa chose to eat a plain ol' apple instead of our freshly baked apple pie because, in her words, "This be better for me."

Alyssa told Leighton, "Daddy, I wanna wrestle! I'm gonna take you down!"

Jake said, "My daddy is stronger than everybody but God and Jesus!"

Alyssa asked for candy. "I asked her if she had eaten breakfast yet (knowing that she hadn't.) She replied, "Yes! Oatmeal and onions!"

The boys were in their room playing. Zac was laughing at his big brother. Jake said, "You think that's great? Just wait til you see what I do next!"

Alyssa tattled on Zac for eating without praying.

Alyssa had been cutting paper and made a mess. When she was all done I told her to pick it up. "She pouted and said, "You're making me so sad, Mommy."

Alyssa, refusing to eat breakfast said, "I just like chocolate."

I told Jake the crayon color was burnt orange. He said, "What? Burnt is not a color!"

Jake: When can we make cookies from scratch?
Me: We always make cookies from scratch.
Jake: No, I mean make the ingredients and then put them in.

Jake got an empty paper towel tube. Alyssa wanted one too, and thought it was perfectly acceptable to go into the bathroom and unroll the brand new toilet paper roll I just put in. She got her tube though.

Alyssa wouldn't let Jake look at the toy catalog with her. She kept scowling, so I told her, "Wipe that look off your face." Her whole countenance changed as she started licking her lips, trying to wipe it off.

Jake told me, "You have two daddies: God and Papa!"

Alyssa: I like my daddy!
Me: I like Daddy too.
Alyssa: You like my daddy?
Me: Yes, I love your daddy very much.
Alyssa: Woooow.

Jake told Alyssa, "Don't talk with your mouth open!"

I asked the kids, "How many more days until Christmas?" Alyssa answered, "Too many."

Jake: May I have a snack please?
Me: No, you have to eat lunch first.
Jake: What do you think I should eat for lunch? Cinnamon rolls or candy?

* * * I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing with me. These 3 little ones fill my life with joy and laughter. I'm excited to see what they do in the coming year. Happy New Year!  

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