Friday, January 2, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 1/2/15

Jake (9), Alyssa (6½), Zac (5), Tyler (2½), Nicholas (newborn)

Happy Friday! Things are getting back to normal around here, or at least a new normal with a new baby. The decorations are put away, school is back in full-force, and I am enjoying having no physical restrictions again. If you missed it yesterday, I posted part 11 of Kids Say the Funniest Things! Pretty much, it's Things That Make Me Smile on steroids, haha. You're sure to read something that will make you laugh. But first, let's Smile with this week's quotes!

1. Jake: "Zac looks so much like Tyler. I keep getting confused." 

2. Zac: "How do you say Z in English?" 

3. Listening to Jake and Alyssa argue about who makes better scrambled eggs.

4. Zac, while playing: "Am I good or bad?"
Tyler: "Yep!"
Zac: "But am I a bad guy or a good guy?"
Tyler: "Yes!"


6. Tyler: "You get my blocks?"
Me: "I can't right now; I'm feeding baby Nicholas. Daddy will be home soon though."
Tyler: "I want Gramma! Where's Gramma?"
Me: "She's at her house."
Tyler: "I need Gramma!"

7. Listening to Alyssa tell Nicholas the story of the candy cane.

8. Zac, singing: "We three kings of glory and tar . . ."

9. Alyssa and I were sitting and playing with Nicholas. She walked away and said, "If he starts crying, could you calm him down, please? I need to get my chapstick."

10. Jake, talking to me about ages: "I'm only in single digits. You're in double digits. And pretty high double digits, too." 

11. Nicholas, 2 weeks old.

12. Tyler, praying for dinner: "Thank you that Mommy gets up . . ."

13. Jake, holding Nicholas: "Aww, his toes are so tiny! They're like pieces of corn!"

14. I had locked the bathroom door so Tyler wouldn't follow me in. A few seconds later, I heard the knob rattle and his concerned little voice, "Oh, no! You stuck, Mommy?"

15. Tyler, whining: "Lyssa stepped on my ni-night! She needs a spankin', Mommy!"
Me: "Oh, does she? {calling across the house} Alyssa, do you need a spanking?"
Tyler: "She said yes!"

What made you Smile this week?

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