Sunday, August 2, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile 7/31/15

Jake (9½), Alyssa (7), Zac (5½), Tyler (3), Nicholas (7 months)

This week we went to Maker Faire, spent a lot of time playing outside, and enjoyed getting together with friends. And caught up on lots of Smile like this post and this one.

1. Alyssa: "If someone is grounded, does that mean they have to stay on their own ground?"

2. Leighton, reading Tyler's fortune cookie: "You are interested in public service and would make an outstanding statesman."
Tyler, nonchalantly: "Oh, dat's cool."

3. Tyler, lying on my bed in the dark, looking at glowing starson the ceiling: "Isn't this lovely?"


5. Jake: "How old was I when Alyssa was born?"
Me: "27 months."
Alyssa: "How old was I when Zac was born?"
Me: "19 months."
Jake: "How old was Zac when Tyler was born?"
Me: "28 months."
Jake: "How old was Tyler when Nick was born?"
Me: "32 months."
Jake: "How old will Nicky be when the next one is born?"
Me: "The next one?"
Jake: "Yeah, we have to have a 6th baby!"
Alyssa: "We have to have more than 19 kids!"
Me: "We do?!? Why?"
Alyssa: "Because there's this family--I don't know who they are--but they have 19 kids."
Jake: "We have to have a baby every 2 years!"

6. Jake made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.
Zac: "Remember Alton Brown made 2 huge stacks of pancakes in 1 day?"
Jake: "Yeah, because he didn't have siblings that kept eating them, rapidly." 

7. The kids always leave a note along with their tooth for the Tooth Fairy. They ask questions like “What do you do with the teeth?” and “Can I have a picture to see what you look like?” The Tooth Fairy, with Daddy's help, always leaves a reply along with money. This time, after they prepared the envelope for Alyssa, Jake thought it would be funny to put out a decoy envelope in hopes of getting money multiple nights. They put the real one under his pillow and an envelope with a tiny crumbled piece of paper to resemble a tooth under Alyssa’s. In the morning, she laughed as she handed me the envelope she found and then laughed every time she saw the note throughout the day.

Me: "It looks like the Tooth Fairy doesn’t like to be lied to."
Alyssa: "Haha, it was just an experiment. I’m not going to try it again, but it was so funny! I’ll put the real tooth out tonight."

8. Zac: "Remember yesterday when Nicky was born?"

9. Tyler was wearing a pair of sunglasses and staring at himself in the mirror. After a little bit, he pulled the sunglasses down, peered over the top, and said, "Oh, it's me."

What made you Smile this week?

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