Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kids Say The Funniest Things: Part 4

We are planning to construct a new schooling room for next year. I am so excited! We're transforming what used to be our computer/craft room but is now our throw-everything-in room into a brand new space for learning. This process will include knocking out walls and closets and painting. Right now, it involves  organizing, purging, and sorting. Fun stuff. 

Today while digging through a box, I found a journal that my mom gave me my first year teaching, seven years ago.  I read through all the funny things my innocent first graders said. Memories of these precious children came flooding back. I can remember the exact spots where each situation took place, the faces they made, the tone of their voices. These kids are in junior high now, yet I still picture them as sweet, little ones.

Here is a sampling of their quotes in my book. All of them were said by six-year-old boys. In fact, I have only one quote by a girl in my book. Apparently girls aren't as funny as boys. Or is it that they don't make as many mistakes as the boys??? Either way, I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed rereading them. I'm so thankful my mom encouraged me (forced me?) to preserve this keepsake.

"How am I supposed to get blood separation with these shoes on?"

"If I got hurt like that, I would scream like a girl . . . not that I'm saying I do."

"I wish this sucker was made out of tarter sauce."

Boy 1: "I love swami!" 
Boy 2: "It's not swami. It's slami."  (salami)

"I'm so sweaty I could slip out of my pants!"

"I think I'm half pilgrim."

Boy 1: "My stomach feels like I had a birthday party."
Boy 2: "My stomach feels like I threw up an animal."

After being told it was cold outside: "Lucky for me, I have a bulletproof vest on."

"I'll just crack my fingers goodbye."

"It ain't over until the fat lady sings." (looks at me and says worriedly) "Which ain't anyone in here."

"Dads make a lot of money. That's why I can't wait to be one when I grow up."

"Is tomorrow today?"

"Ugh! I don't know how you got a license when you have a brother!"

After learning that there are 20 countries that speak Spanish: "Yeah, that's why there are so many words."

In response to receiving an assignment: "Ugh, I think I need to go on a diet!"

"I don't know very much stuff because I'm only a little bit Indian." - said by the palest boy in class.

"That was fun getting down and dirty with bubbles!"

"Ladies are gooder than men at puzzles."

"My grandpa told me that if you swallow gum, you'll blow bubbles when you poop."

"How old do you think I am? I look taller than I am." - said by the shortest boy in class.

and last but not least . . . 

"Calcium? That's a rock? I thought it was just something you put in your cereal."

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